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THIS WEEK IN HORIZON (June 22 – 30, 2015)
Kevin C. Garinger – Director of Education

Dr. Seuss gave us some very important advice in his book entitled, “I Can Read with My Eyes Shut”. He stated, “The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you’ll go!” Although I would add that the more I read, the more I realize I don’t know, I do believe this sums up our year in Horizon School Division. We have embarked on a journey of learning while focusing on our goals of literacy, safe and caring and assessment. Our erudition began with a hope, a vision and a dream originating from and supported by our Board of Education. Under their leadership, it has been my goal to build a culture of collaborative responsiveness to data and results. We have learned how to assess literacy and put structures in place to address it strategically. We have focused on providing not only safe and caring environments for students but also for administrators and staffs. Learning together and working together, taking risks and exposing our results has gotten us to the place we need to be. Our results haven’t been bright and shiny but reflect the reality of where we are. As we have been honest in our assessments and have not been afraid to look at exactly where we’re at, we are better prepared to provide what is necessary so that each student will be successful. We will build our capacity for teaching and learning as a collective body of professionals and paraprofessionals. I am heartened by the potential we have to build on what we have begun – the more we learn, the more places we will go…we will accomplish this together as a school system where staff are committed daily to improving student learning. Guided by the three goals set out by our Board, and through the strength of collaborative action, we were able to ensure that 2014-15 was an important year of student learning and achievement.


Division News
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  • National Aboriginal Day at LCHS
    Lanigan Central High School was pleased to welcome Hoop Dancer, Teddy Anderson to their school on June 19 as part of their National Aboriginal Day celebrations. Teddy presented workshops to Grades 9 through 12, with each workshop focused on his message of Read%20More...
  • Wynyard Elementary School News
    Hello, June is finally here. June is a very busy time at Wynyard Elementary School because it is the last month of school. WES had many exciting activities and fun days in June. One of our best and most exciting activities in June is our track meet. Read%20More...
  • National Aboriginal Day at PECS
    Punnichy Elementary Community School was pleased to have Harold Littletent from Touchwood Agency Tribal Counsel at their school on Monday, June 22nd . Harold arranged for traditional dancers to share their skills. A local drumming group provided the mus Read%20More...
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