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THIS WEEK IN HORIZON (June 15 – 19, 2015)
Kevin C. Garinger – Director of Education

This time of year the word TEST takes on a whole new meaning. Its definition in theory and practice is most often packed with emotion, stress and even a sense of dread. I would like to look at the word from a little different perspective. In actuality, the letters are only four and each can represent a positive paradigm that focuses on learning. The first letter, “T” stands for the time we have spent together as school division teams making decisions that will impact learning. We have spent time daily with kids ensuring that they are meeting the outcomes and gaining the knowledge they need to complete an assignment or be ready for a final assessment. The “E” represents the experiences we have had in building a system that supports one another and supports our students. The “S” is for the support we have worked collaboratively as a system to ensure exists for students and teachers alike. Through common goals and common directions in ensuring that our pillars are constant regardless of where we are geographically located in Horizon, we have seen our system develop and grow. The final “T” is for the Team approach we have taken toward learning. As a system, we have collectively accepted responsibility for our kids. Truly TEST represents a total commitment to what we do for kids every day. Isn’t this the TEST of who we are? As our students take their final assessments, let’s look through the eyes of evidence based teaching - what does the final summative evidence tell us about how we are doing in giving students our time, experience, support, and the support of the team to get them to where they need to go? This isn’t their TEST time, it is ours - yours, mine, and the Board’s…our student results will reflect who we are as a system. Good luck to each of us and all our kids.    


Division News
  • LCHS Grad
    Lanigan grad has come and gone, with 28 students graduating. Their theme this year was, “We’ll make h15tory”! As usual the girls looked stunning in their beautiful dresses and the guys looked more dressed up than usual. They all cleaned up good! :) Read%20More...
  • Three Lakes School News
    Our last month of school has been full of excitement! During the first half of June all the students in grades 1-10 enjoyed field trips at Stoney Lake and in Saskatoon. The Avenger Awards Banquet was on June 11th, with the guest speaker’s being Matth Read%20More...
  • Viscount Central School News
    The year is quickly coming to an end here at VCS. Everyone has been busy trying to get things done before finals begin! Many memories have been made this year. We are very fortunate to have such a fantastic school filled with amazing people, including our Read%20More...
  • Fun in the Sun at LCHS!
    On Wednesday June 10th LCHS packed up their swimsuits and towels, for a fun filled day at Leisure Land near LeRoy. There was one way for you to have this fun filled day and it was if you sold two or more magazines, brought food for the food bank or sold Read%20More...
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